Violence among school children

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One in three school children around the world experience bullying and this is due to the fact that some children are just violent.

The result of one study in Nigeria revealed that children’s violence is mostly caused by family background, peer influence, exposure to violent films, emotional instability and poor child upbringing.

Three research questions were formulated and tested for the study:

  1. What are the types of violent acts common to children?
  2. What are the common causes of children violent?
  3. In what ways will adult education programmes take to curb violence among children?

The sample for the study consisted of 20 respondents from 10 junior secondary schools selected in Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State to make a total of 200 respondents.

The objectives of this study were to:

  1. Determine types of violent acts common to children in the state;
  2. Find out the common causes of children violent behaviour in children at the school age;
  3. Determine various ways in curbing violence among the children.

According to UNESCO, one estimate by Plan International suggests that 246 million children and adolescents experience violence in and around school every year. Girls are disproportionately affected, as are those perceived not to conform to prevailing sexual and gender norms.

The results from this study were as follows:

Analysis of research question one identified some violent acts common to school children were physical aggression, fighting and stealing were majorly the most common violent acts among children.

Research question two revealed the major causes of violent acts among children. The result revealed that exposure to violent films is majorly one of the factors responsible for the causes of violence among children.

The study identified skill acquisition programmes, enlightenment campaigns, establishment of guidance and counseling units in schools, more time to be dedicated on sports and recreation in school curriculum and establishment of welfare centres to curb violence.

Results from research question two proves that an education system is very delicate such that what goes around a child’s life outside school plays a major role their behaviour at school. What they watch at home is just enough to influence them.

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