The system that makes up education

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Initially I was hoping I could make this post longer, but I figured I should just get straight to the point.

We know that education is a series of steps taken to acquire or provide facts, information, descriptions or skills from a particular particular start and delivering them, making them known and understood to a particular end.

We also know that education can be classified into two purposes: the first one is the primary purpose  – the main purpose of education, this is the purpose it was born with. The second one is the secondary purpose  –  this is the purpose set out by those who implement that particular education  – whether for themselves or for others.

The system that makes a schooling system, which is otherwise regarded as the education system, is made up of all the forces around it, that may otherwise affect it in one way or another.

The most important aspects in a child’s education are the school, the community and the home.

If a teacher tells a learner that x is equal to 5 and as soon as the learner walks out the school gate someone in the community tells them that x is equal to 0 and at home they are told that there is no x, who do you think they will believe? And why?

As soon as you answer that question, I will be ready to further explain the effects of a systems that is not in one accord.

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