The reason to vote

I was recently asked why I voted, when young people are faced with so much pain of being unemployed. I summed up my reply in a form of a tale I was told by my late grandfather.

There was once a time when all animals lived freely. A time when Earth provided them with all that they needed, from air to breathe, to water to drink and fertile soil to grow crops.

During winter season, the animals spent their time either thinking or talking or resting. They didn’t do any work as it was too cold to go out and also because no crops were growing.

One particular night the animals were talking about life. They argued and discussed why life was good to them. The Elephant, the Lion, the Porcupine, and the Buffalo all shared their theories regarding this matter.

While they were sharing their arguments, one animal was very quiet. The Snake. Having been known as the wisest, the Snake was always the last one to contribute his ideas and as expected, his was very different and very thoughtful.

The animals were left with so much to think about, so much that they didn’t even notice that the Baboon was missing.

The Baboon had a different agenda in mind. He felt hungry and there was only one place for him to answer his call for hunger – the winter food store. The Baboon ate as much melons and as much sweet potatoes as he could. It never bothered him that he was now eating beyond his share.

Next morning, at breakfast, there was not enough food. Everyone was feeling hungry and it got worse as the day progressed.

The Elephant used her immense weight to prevent others from eating until she had her full share. The Buffalo stood a chance but he was busy fighting off the Lion having tried to get a piece of him. The Porcupine and the Buffalo sped away, the Baboon took to the tree tops and the Snake disappeared into the grass. The Lion didn’t stand any chance against the Elephant.

All the Baboon had to do was to break one rule, one rule that would disrupt order in the jungle.

In one article, I talked about whether I believed we need the government or not. I supported my argument with Thomas Hobbes’ concept of the state of nature. Without a government, there is no one to prosecute the Baboon and the Baboon knows that too. Without a government, the Elephant with its power has all the store to herself.

So to answer the question, why do I vote?

I vote for order.

Before anything else in any country, order is the ultimate priority or else people will kill each other over melons and sweet potatoes.

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