The nature of the crime doesn’t change the crime

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In 1961 Adolf Eichmann came before the Jerusalem District Court, the legal basis of his charges was the Nazi Collaborators’ Punishment Law, which allowed Israeli courts to punish Nazi perpetrators for crimes against Jews during World War II.

General Gideon Hausner signed a bill of indictment against Eichmann on 15 counts, including crimes against the Jewish people and crimes against humanity.

On December 12, 1961, Adolf Eichmann was found guilty of several of the charges, and was sentenced to death on December 15.

On the 1st of June, 1962, Eichmann was executed by hanging. The execution of Adolf Eichmann remains one of the few executions in Israel.

A taxi driver in Pretoria was killed while trying to stop a drug dealer. What followed was a ‘war-zone’ that lead to the looting and burning of foreign-owned shops. It escalated to attacks against foreign nationals, with the justification that they are polluting the country with drugs and must return to their countries.

When the Nazi rolled out the final solution to finally eradicate all Jews during World War II, all it took were concentration camps and convincing German citizens that they are suffering because of Jews.

However, that was a lie, the Jews did nothing wrong, Hitler just didn’t like them. Between 1941 and 1945 Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some 6 million innocent Jews.

Because crime is crime and the law is there to fight crime, when taxi drivers, in support of their own, decided to take matters into their own hands, the law showed up. What fueled the war is not the fact that there are drugs in the country, what fueled it was that the law didn’t, and doesn’t show up to stop the drugs.

Eichmann was punished for the crimes the Nazi committed against Jews. The looters were being punished for the crimes they committed against foreign nationals. The difference here is that, the Jews had done nothing wrong. With foreign nationals, some of them are drug lords engaging in serious criminal activities, and yet they still loom the streets.

Drugs are wrong and they are illegal, being in possession is a criminal offence. However, so is taking matters into your own hands. Whether that person did you wrong or not.

What’s so wrong about the looting in South Africa is the fact that it could’ve been avoided through the same law that stopped the looting. If the same law would fight the crimes the looters were fighting, innocent lives like those of the taxi driver could have been spared.

On one hand, 6 million people died for being Jewish and on the other hand there are some innocent people lost their property, businesses and lives, all thanks to drugs sold by their fellow nationals.

At the end of these two events there are criminal conducts, one that could have been easily avoided if in the first place the same law fought the same crime the taxi drivers were fighting. In this way, innocent lives could have been spared, along with an innocent country.

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