Text 2 - Purpose of education

Education is simple to understand  – it’s a series of steps taken to move facts, information, descriptions or skills from point A (particular start) to point B (particular end).

Education can be classified into two purposes: the first one is the primary purpose  – the main purpose of education, this is the purpose it was born with. The second one is the secondary purpose  –  this is the purpose set out by those who implement that particular education  – whether for themselves or for others.

The primary purpose

The primary purpose of education is to ensure that skills, information, descriptions, and facts are transferred. The primary purpose of education is to fulfil what education really is.

Education’s primary purpose doesn’t depend on mankind.

The secondary purpose

The secondary purpose is subjective, it concerns your reason for learning algebra. What was the reason for early humans to continue their quest for tools? What was the reason for the Hollywood robbers to watch that movie? What is the reason for Finland to consider stripping off all school subjects?

The secondary purpose of education is the reason why some schools would choose some content over some. It’s the reason why some learners would choose physics over arts or economics over geography.

Let’s take for instance a country that has a demand for chemical engineers. That country may decide to make chemistry a mandatory school subject  – but why would they force learners to learn chemistry? Because they believe that the education of chemistry would increase the number of students enrolling in chemistry related courses or qualifications.

This is why it is important for learners to understand why they should choose certain subjects over some.

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