Teaching and learning have to be looked at differently

For so many years cars were produced to be operated, they relied on human beings for any movement. As technology improved, as the world evolved, cars slowly shifted away from ‘what humans could do with them or for them’ to ‘what cars could do for humans’. The focus shifted, cars can now drive humans around. They can even diagnose themselves.

Schools on the other hand have always positioned teachers and learners in the same regard as it happened with humans and cars. Learners still believe that for as long as they are in the borders of the school yard, teachers have to be the ones driving them.

Teachers hold an idea that learners have to be autonomous, that to some extent they have to drive themselves. However, a car only does so because it was programmed to. Learners won’t drive themselves unless the system programmes them to.

This is the same with teachers, they can’t programme learners to drive themselves if they have never been trained to programme learners – they just don’t know how to do it.

In order for education systems to keep up with the pace of technology, they have to look at teachers and learners just as motor companies look at cars and human beings.

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