Simple Ways to Make Quarantine Cooking with Your Kids Fun

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Letting your children help out in the kitchen has always been a great way to bond with your kids. These days, it’s also necessary for many. COVID-19 has forced many families to spend more time with one another than ever before. Thus, plenty of parents have found that allowing their kids to help them cook has made the experience more manageable for everyone.

The experience can even be fun! If you’re looking for ways to turn cooking with your children into an enjoyable activity for everyone involved, keep the following ideas in mind.

(Tip: There may be times when you’re too busy working and playing teacher to cook. When that happens, consider feeding your children with meal boxes for kids).

Gamify It

“Gamification” simply involves taking what might otherwise be a less-than-fun task and making it exciting by (as you probably guessed) turning it into a game. You can certainly do this while cooking with your children. 

There are also many different ways you can go about it depending on your kids’ ages and interests. For example, you might ask your kids to imagine what their favorite fictional characters would like to eat, picking recipes accordingly (as long as they’re practical and relatively nutritious, of course!). This gives your kids a chance to flex their creative muscles, and it will make them more excited to help you in the kitchen.

Older kids can also have fun turning cooking into a game. For instance, you could choose a limited number of ingredients from what you already have in the kitchen, tasking your children to come up with creative recipes using them.

Give Them Some Power

Even if your kids aren’t interested in coming up with recipes based on what they think their favorite characters would like to eat, you should still let your kids contribute meal ideas a few times a week. This simply makes them more engaged. Any otherwise unappealing boring task can become more attractive when we have the opportunity to exercise more control over it. This is as true for kids as it is for adults.

Make it Educational

Parents need to look for ways to educate their kids when they can’t go to school due to the current lockdown. One way to do so is to make cooking together educational. For example, if your child is learning basic arithmetic, you might turn measuring out ingredients into a math lesson.

The main point to understand is that cooking with your kids doesn’t have to be a chore. On the contrary, as these examples prove, it can actually be a lot of fun.

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