Kids imitate what they see

The narrative is true, kids learn by doing, and they also learning by imitating others especially parents.

Social learning theory, a theory by Albert Bandura is a theory that suggests that new behaviours can be acquired by observing and imitating others.

To further validate the narrative, Bandura conducted an experiment where children observed adults as they displayed either violent or passive behaviour towards a bobo doll. Interestingly, this observation was found to influence the manner in which the children successively interacted with the doll. Children who observed violent behaviour behaved violently towards the doll and vice versa.

Several experiments have been conducted to continue validating this narrative.

In one study, researchers tested 77 children of ages 3 to 5 and a group of 46 bonobos ages 3 to 29. The researchers sat next to the kids and bonobos with a small wooden box.

Before opening the box, the researchers performed ridiculous actions over it, either rubbing the box with the back of the hand and doing a wrist twist in the air or tracing a cross into the top of the box and then tracing the edges.

After seeing the gestures, a large number of the kids made the same motions before trying to open the box.

The actions we witness from kids on the streets and at schools are a sign of what they may have seen at home, on TV or through games.

Kids become what they see around them. It’s a parent’s job to protect their kid(s) from activities and/or actions that may mislead them.

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