Hungry for power: Cleopatra Pt. 2

Cleopatra had one thing figured out, the power she desired was never going to be given to her. She had to take the power herself.

It’s possible that Cleopatra knew nothing about Caesar’s assassination, it’s possible that she only saw Caesar’s assassination as an opportunity to put Caesarion into power.

It’s possible that what I suggested in part one of this series is not true:

Cleopatra’s hunger for power forced her to sleep with Caesar, for possible two reasons: she wanted to use Caesar’s army to take over Egypt as her own. She also wanted to use their child as leverage for possibly ruling the Roman Empire. She either organised Caesar’s assassination or at least knew it was going to happen.

About a month or so after Caesar’s assassination, Cleopatra returned to Egypt. While there, she decided to kill Ptolemy XIV by poisoning him, and this gave her the power to elevate her son Caesarion as her co-ruler.  

In November 41 BC, Cleopatra invited Mark Antony to come to Egypt before departing from Tarsos.

Their relationship that may have started some months ago when Mark Antony invited Cleopatra in Tarsos where he established his headquarters.

Cleopatra took advantage of the fact that Antony was at that time seen as the most powerful Roman figure following Caesar’s death.

Cleopatra gave birth to twins, a boy named Alexander Helios and a girl named Cleopatra Selene II, this was towards the end of 40 BC. Unlike Caesar, Antony acknowledged the children as his.

Cleopatra’s plans seemed to be in order, especially when Antony’s wife, Fulvia started the Perusine War (41–40 BC), a war against Octavian in the hopes of making her husband the leader of Rome. Fulvia was however defeated.

The relationship between Mark Antony and Cleopatra was probably on good terms until Antony married Octavian. It didn’t end there, Octavian gave Antony two children, Antonia the Elder in 39 BC and Antonia Minor in 36 BC.

Cleopatra’s relationship with Antony was probably her most complicated. In 36 BC, she gave birth to Ptolemy Philadelphus, her second son with Antony.

There are quite a number of events that took place before Cleopatra gave birth to Antony’s second son. I left out these events on purpose, saving them for another blog post which will detail out the dominion of Cleopatra during her relationship with Antony.

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