How the system of going to school and getting a job broke

A school can be described as a formal institute for education. This institute is based on the idea of grouping students in one place and giving them a set of information or skills.

This concept has lived at least since ancient Greece with Plato’s Academy. However, the purpose in those days may not have been to prepare students for the workplace – they were just transferring knowledge, possibly to build wise men.

With time, the world saw the two biggest wars ever. With wars, certain skills needed more attention. For instance, being a doctor, being a soldier, being reporter etc…

When the industrial revolution came, it also demanded skills – people to work in factories. The goal was to meet the demand from the economy – produce a large number of products at a fast pace.

Factories encouraged countries to adopt school as a proper and formal system that would respond to the needs of the economy. Hence we have the factory model.

The system was simple and straightforward. Go to school, get good Grades, go to varsity, get good Grades, and then get a job. For many years the system worked very well, people were getting jobs, companies were growing, and the economy was booming.

However, over time the system broke.

Changes in curriculums gave students a variety of fields to pursue. This variety gave students freedom as they could now study what they desired. At the same time it also caused problems for both countries and students. The problem began when a high number of students chose the same field of study.

This was a problem for countries because fields became easily saturated. The economy couldn’t take in more people of the same field. Then students became victims of unemployment.

The system broke and now we have a paradox. Students go to school to study for fields that are not required by the economy and companies start businesses that require jobs that no one is studying for.

The greatest gap in this school-job system is the fact that skills are not handpicked, they come about as the world evolves and no one is forced to study what is required by the economy.

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