Having a happier spouse is associated with a longer life

Happy partner, happy marriage they say, right? New research reveals that there’s more than just a happy marriage.

Olga Stavrova conducted a study that examined whether the reach of one’s spouse extends to mortality. Her question was; does an individual’s life satisfaction affect the mortality risk of his or her spouse?

The present research examined this question using panel data of approximately 4,400 elderly couples in the United States.

What the researcher points out is that having a happy partner might be related to experiencing support from that partner and, consequently, might improve one’s health and longevity.

In simple terms, the researcher summed the results as follows;

One partner’s life satisfaction was associated with his or her increased physical activity, which in turn was related to increased physical activity in the other partner, which predicted that partner’s mortality. Yet, given the correlational nature of these data, these results should be interpreted with caution… The present study showed that having a happier spouse is associated not only with a longer marriage but also with a longer life.

So next time you’re in an unhappy relationship, remember that you might be putting your partner’s mortality at risk.

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