Child refugees

pexels photo 1098769
pexels photo 1098769

One would want to believe that the more the years, the easier the world gets. In some cases, cases where technology is concerned, things got better as time went by. Unfortunately we can’t say the same with children living in countries that endanger their lives.

In 2015 there were twice as many child refugees than in 2005, this is according to the UNHCR’s mandate.

‘Uprooted: The Growing Crisis for Refugee and Migrant Children’ is a 2016 report by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and it points out that by the end of 2015, some 41 million people were displaced by violence and conflict within their own countries; an estimated 17 million of them were children.

It gets worse, as the report reveals:

The 10 countries hosting the largest numbers of refugees are all in Asia and Africa, with Turkey hosting by far the largest total number of refugees under UNHCR’s mandate.

Migration, especially on children is a serious issue mainly because it can take away a child’s right to freedom. Many children don’t get the education they deserve in the countries they migrate to.  

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