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We are bringing talented youngsters, the children of the broad mass of our population. Workers’ sons, farmers’ sons, whose parents could never afford to put their children through higher education…Later on, they will join the Party, they will attend the Ordenburg, they will occupy the highest positions. We have a goal which may seem fantastic. We envisage a state in which each post will be held by the ablest son of our people, regardless of where he comes from. A state in which birth means nothing, but performance and ability mean everything.

Pine, Lisa (2010). Education in Nazi Germany. New York: Berg. ISBN 978-1-84520-265-1

If you understand education, if you understand the transfer of information from one point to the next point then you will understand how education was used by Adolf Hitler’s very own mastermind to direct the people of Germany to their tunnel.

Between 1937 to 1945, Germany had what was known as the Adolf Hitler Schools (AHS). These were 12 elite boarding schools run by the SS in Nazi Germany.

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

Joseph Goebbels

The aim of these schools was to teach young people the ideologies of the Nazi Party until they possibly accepted them. They were for young people aged 14 to 18 years with three schools for girls and the rest for boys.

What they hoped was telling their lies to these kids until they accepted them.

This was part of the propaganda campaign (which we are yet to talk more about) that ran Germany back then under Hitler’s rule. Hope was that these young people would grow up to be what Hitler was.

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