Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Mbiza Lounge

The place to expand your mind


Mbiza lounge is a website dedicated to delivering concise articles on ideas from every discipline. The aim is to deliver ideas that are short yet still cover essential content.

It’s a space where you will find a deeper understanding of different ideas through provocative articles. A place to expand your mind, discover extraordinary ideas and develop new insights.

Why we do it:

The mission is to create a community of curious minds who seek a deeper understanding of the world. The vision of Mbiza lounge is to build a platform that will provide simple yet extraordinary ideas that will influence people’s minds. 

How we do it:

One of the ways we use to expand your mind is going through a number of reports, researches and studies on issues affecting you and everyone else around you. We report the findings and make you aware of everything that surrounds you, and sometimes affects you.

We also study historical events and the people that shaped those events. We give you a glimpse of these historical accounts and provide a fresh perspective that will delight your mind.

In addition to this, we share extraordinary facts you may have never known, we also give you daily thoughts from just anything to everything you can imagine. Keeping you informed, motivated and inspired.