A look into the aspects that predict student motivation and satisfaction in higher education

“Higher education teachers often find it challenging to decide how to organize their lectures and what instructional strategy they should use to be most effective.”

Conducted by Marko Radovan and Danijela Makovec, a 2015 research survey study titled ‘Relations between Students’ Motivation, and Perceptions of the Learning Environment’  was prepared for 120 postgraduate students of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana to determine which characteristics of the learning environment best predict the motivational orientation of students and their satisfaction with the course.

The results revealed that students who set themselves intrinsic goals have a greater sense of control of their learning and a feeling of self-efficacy.

The study also revealed that students who perceive their learning environment as a place that fosters autonomy and self-direction and find their education to be useful and relevant are more intrinsically motivated.

According to the researchers, the interconnectedness of theoretical knowledge and practical application seems to be among the most important determinants of students’ motivation for studying in higher education.

Highlighting that both the time a teacher devotes to providing real-life examples to students and connecting theory to practice as well as enabling their autonomy in learning positively contributes to student enjoyment and satisfaction in the study program.

“In our opinion, the results of this study have practical implications for teachers because they provide a greater understanding about the different aspects of the learning environment and how those aspects predict student motivation and satisfaction. Our findings are consistent with other authors who have explored “authentic learning environments” (Herrington, Reeves, & Oliver, 2014), and we can conclude that students will more likely develop intrinsic goal-orientation and enjoy studying when they view their course as relevant, interesting, and supportive of autonomy.”

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